Resources Referenced in the Book

Most of the resources that are referenced in the book are housed on my blog, Below you will find chapter titles, page numbers for the print edition, and a description of the resource mentioned in the book. There you will find the link to the specific resource you desire. Many of these resources are updated frequently. In addition, more resources may be added to this page in the future to support the book. Additionally, a group study guide will be coming out soon!

Thanks for reading and digging deeper so that you can better lead your congregation in transformational worship.

Kenny Lamm

The Formats of Worship | Liturgical, p.118
Church Year Calendar – You will find more information about the church year as well as an excellent chart showing the various days or seasons and their themes.

Songs for Worship | Finding Songs, p. 125-6
Sources for Worship Songs – This is a hyperlinked list mirroring the one in the book. Updates may occur as sources are added or deleted.

Songs for Worship | Evaluating the Melody, p.134
eBook on Finding the Best Keys – Examples of songs and how to determine the best keys
Song Keys for Maximum Participation – This table is updated every six months with the newest songs from the top 100 CCLI songs from CCLI North America. You will discover the best keys for leading your congregation to be fully participative.

Song Lists for Planning Worship | Formatting Your Master Song List, p.152
Sample Song List
Save a copy of the song list to your Google Drive to create your own list

Online tools to help you determine the number of songs you need on your song list and ways to utilize that list.

Linking Worship Songs: Textual Considerations | Response Link, p. 164
Examples of Transitions – these examples are musical and textual examples with lots of videos to help the reader grasp the fundamentals of seamless transitions. This is a multi-part series going into great detail.

Planning the Worship Service | Create Musical Segues and Transitions. p.180
Note: Additional resources will be added soon
Worship notes from the annual meeting of NC Baptists – Be sure to download the detailed notes indicated at the bottom of this resource. There is also a link to the videos of these worship segments.

Preparing the Choir | Creating Practice Tracks, p.186
Guide for Producing Practice Tracks

Preparing the Media | Short Videos, p.201
Sources for Short Videos

Preparing Yourself for Leadership | Utilizing Scripture, p.213
Verses of Praise – a listing of 144 verses of praise

Speaking Between Songs and Other Elements of Worship | Types of Speaking You Can Use | Quote Scripture, p.226
Verses of Praise – a listing of 144 verses of praise

For an excellent evaluation covering many non-musical areas of worship, from when a person arrives on campus until departure, check out this resource. You can download a PDF of this resource here.

If you would like a printable PDF of the evaluation I wrote in the book to use with your teams, click here.

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